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Name:The Last Free City Mods
Birthdate:Jul 25


A panfandom, community-based action RP


You were just minding your own business one day when the Valkyrie appeared. She told you of a far off world, that needed your aid. Of the last free city known as Midgard, under assault by the capricious Fae and the inevitable Qin, guarded by the last free humans, by the god Thor, and many other heroes from across space and time. She told you of the Bifrost, that let her reach your world. If the Qin or the Fae were able to get their hands on it, they could go anywhere in the multiverse and invade at their leisure.

Midgard is searching for heroes, and you have been called. If you say yes, you will not be able to return home until the fight is won, but you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. With wealth, power, fame, and most importantly, with the safety of your home from implacable invaders.

Choose your answer carefully.
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