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Below is the list of characters already taken and being played in game.

Asura's Wrath
Yasha ([personal profile] windfang) - Dagger

Soma ([personal profile] thedarkheir) - Shini

Chrono Trigger
Lucca Ashtear ([personal profile] tempus_fixit) - Eek

Fatal Fury
Terry Bogard ([personal profile] lone_wolf_of_southtown) - Badge

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya
Kuro von Einzbern ([personal profile] denials) - Aura

Lancer ([personal profile] puppy_lancer) - lotus-genie

Fate/Stay Night
Shirou Emiya ([personal profile] emptysword) - Eq

Kiritsugu Emiya ([personal profile] maguskiller) - Albiel

Fullmetal Alchemist
Constance Airie (OC) ([personal profile] alchemic_waves) - Nicky

Gauken Kino
Kino and Hermes ([personal profile] colddeadhands) - Albiel

Guilty Crown
Shu Ouma ([personal profile] crown_of_thorns) - Crown

Gundam 00
Setsuna F. Seiei ([personal profile] orewagundamda) - Camiu

Porky Minch ([personal profile] kingofthetoybox) - AOB

NieR Gestalt
Nier ([personal profile] 1_eyed_dadass) - Badge

Pokemon Conquest
Mitsunari Ishida ([personal profile] bisharp_scheme) - Shini

Puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica
Homura Akemi ([personal profile] rewindingly) - Berri

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
Minako Arisato/Female Protagonist ([personal profile] evokedpotential) - Liwei

Super Robot Wars: Original Generation
Arado Balanga ([personal profile] worstpilotever) - Fil

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Kamina ([personal profile] avengedhimself) - Eq

Touhou Project
Soga no Tojiko ([personal profile] departed_child_of_gods) - Badge

Princess Alicia ([personal profile] numberofthefiend100) - ZS1

Allen Ridgeley ([personal profile] power_of_love) - Jess
Gaignum Kukai Jr. ([personal profile] books_n_battle) - Jess
KOS-MOS ([personal profile] needtobecleaned) - Tracy
Wilhelm ([personal profile] oforder) - Mister

Original Characters
Cross Blanchard ([personal profile] hero_of_smiles) - Crown
Deimonea ([personal profile] phobophage) - Kaja
Hastur ([personal profile] hasturtheunspeakable) - Yume
Marron Dystini ([personal profile] canseefate) - Berri
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Characters in this game have been approached by a Valkyrie, a woman with wings, armor, and a spear. She showed them a shimmering portal and explained that she has been sent to warn them. She comes from a world wracked by war between two mighty forces. On one side, the heavenly kingdom of Qin and their orbital cities, on the other the mysterious Fae Courts and their sprawling underground cities. Somewhere between them, the last free humans huddle in the city of Midgard, ruled by Thor and a handful of other self-proclaimed dieties of destroyed pantheons.

Qin and the Fae would be willing to leave Midgard alone. It's fairly minor in the grand scheme of things except for one thing: The Bifrost. This enormous machine, if you can master it's use, can create portals to anywhere in the world or even to other dimensions. Thor is using it to gather an army of heroes from across space and time to defend Midgard, but anyone who found it could use it to mount invasions of less advanced dimensions and turn them into outposts of a multidimensional empire. Everyone is given the option to stay at home or to go and fight. Those who go will not be able to return until the fight is over, but will be rewarded richly for their efforts.

Everyone who accepts is taken to Midgard, given a comfortable place to live and money to spend. Communication is done either in person or by way of special PDAs. PDAs look like leatherbound journals. Each page is a super thin, flexible computer screen that can be set to show a variety of information, such as maps of the city, research notes, lists of your friends, movies, music, games, whatever. It's basically a laptop with pages.

The important thing to remember about this setting is that it is not a fantasy setting, it is a sci-fi setting. Gods and Demi-gods are super advanced cyborgs or AIs, divine wrath is orbital strikes, the Bifrost is a quantum teleporter, the capital of Qin is a domed city on the moon, and so on and so on. Any actual magic in this setting is brought by people from other dimensions, who can use their powers as per normal.
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Journal: [personal profile] lotus_genie
AIM: genie_wu12
Plurk: [ profile] lotusgenie


Journal: [personal profile] rshini
AIM: Shinigamikitsune
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May. 7th, 2012 04:19 pm
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Midgard Locations )

Other Locations )

We also allow you, the player, to establish locations! If you wish to do so, just fill out the form below and we'll process it as soon as possible.

Drop Post

May. 7th, 2012 04:16 pm
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This is where you come to drop characters. Please note that only drops made here will be counted. Fill out the form provided below and we will process the drop as soon as possible.

NOTE: If dropping multiple characters, then please paste the "Character Name," "Character Series," and "Housing Location" portions of the form for each character individually.

Hiatus Post

May. 7th, 2012 04:12 pm
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Going somewhere that you'll have limited or no computer access? Too busy to RP? Do you just want a breather? Just fill out the form below to start a hiatus.

NOTE: A hiatus will not be counted if it is not left in this post.

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With access to a trans-dimensional portal, characters are able to return home -- as long as they agree to return. ICly, your character will approach either Thor or Hephaestus for a leave of absence, which will then be either approved or rejected. OoCly, just fill out the form below and leave it here, and we'll get back to you.


May. 7th, 2012 04:03 pm
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The city of Midgard offers ample opportunities for characters and/or their equipment to be upgraded with its technology. If you'd like to perform some upgrades, propose them here!


May. 7th, 2012 04:00 pm
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If you have any suggestions to make, this is the place! We'd love to hear from you if you have any ideas on how to improve the game. Constructive criticism is welcome, too.

Comments are screened.
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Got a plot idea? We'd love to hear it! Just fill out the form below and leave a comment here. We'll get to them with one of three responses:

Approved. Go forth and have fun!
Pending. Usually this will be to ask for more details or to fix facts that the player has gotten wrong about the setting or ongoing plots. Don't worry if you get this!
Rejected. We will ALWAYS provide reasons for a rejection.

We also reserve the right to ask you to place a plot on hold, within reason. Don't worry, we'll always have a reason to do this when we ask.


May. 7th, 2012 02:52 pm
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As heroes and honored guests of Midgard, you will all be supplied with homes for your stay here. Visiting heroes are put up in one of several properties scattered throughout the city. These properties (normally called Villas) take the form of a small fenced community consisting of a number of luxurious houses surrounding a central building that is made up of comfortable apartments along with restaurants, a gym, and other such amenities. Each villa is served by a staff of Attendants, robotic creations of Hephaestus that look like metallic women and act as servants and maids. The apartments, while very comfortable and spacious, do not actually have any bathing facilities. Rather, each floor has a men's and a women's bathhouse, which contains a swimming pool, showers, and hot-tubs.

Most of the houses are fairly old and in various states of disrepair, so characters will be sent to the apartments. However, as a reward for a particularly great service to Midgard, one of the houses may be renovated and made available for more comfortable living.

OOCly, you are assigned to one of the villas on arrival, and start in an apartment, but beyond that we are leaving details such as who is neighbors with who up to you, the player.

Midgard is divided into six districts, all of which are surrounded by a massive wall and hidden beneath a high power forcefield known as The Aegis. The Walls are guarded mainly by titanic, sentient war machines known as Jotun. Each district has one Villa

Districts of Midgard
Docks - There isn't much in the way of trading anymore, and as such, the Docks of Midgard are devoted to maintaining the city's navy. This is also where most of the commanders for Midgard's army have their offices, along with barracks for soldiers and their support staff. The Villa of this district sits on a cliff overlooking the Black Sea.
People Living here
Allen Ridgeley (Apartments)
Deimonea (Apartments)
Erika Kurumi (Apartments)
Latooni Suvota (Apartments)
Misaki Nadeshiko (Apartments)
Setsuna F. Seiei (Apartments)
Shu Ouma (Apartments)

Foundry - Where Hephaestus makes his home, the foundry is a massive factory that produces all the weapons of war for Midgard, surrounded in turn by workshops for artificers, mechanics, blacksmiths, and other people who make their livelihood creating things with their hands. The Villa of this district is actually a single large building. It's a bit claustrophoic compared to the others, but generally has the most luxurious living accomodations within.
People Living here
Homura Akemi (Apartments)
Kamina (Apartments)
Kuro von Einzbern (Apartments)
Minako Arisato (Apartments)
Soma (Apartments)
Yasha (Apartments)

Grand Library - Home of the grand library and university. The center of learning and knowledge in Midgard. Above and beyond the quietest district. The Villa of this district is the most spread out, sprawling across tastefully landscaped terrain. It is the only one that is open, and it's not uncommon to see students and scholars going about on their day to day business here.
People Living here
Constance Airie (Apartments)
Gainum Kukai Jr. (Apartments)
Kiritsugu Emiya (Apartments)
Lancer (Apartments)
Mitsunari Ishida (Apartments)
Nier (Apartments)

Wards - The poorest and most crowded district. Refugees from around the world are sent here. Contains the largest hospital in Midgard. The Villa in this district is surrounded by a tall wall, keeping people separate from the swarms of refugees in tent cities outside.
People Living here
Arado Balanga (Apartments)
Einhard Stratos (Apartments)
Marron Dystini (Apartments)
Soga no Tojiko (Apartments)

Deeps - With Midgard regularly under siege, the city has taken to building down, creating a series of huge underground shelters, most of which are given over to large hydroponics farms and geothermal powerplants. The Villa of this district sits at the mouth of a giant cave that leads deep into the earth.
People Living here
Cross Blanchard (Apartments)
Kino and Hermes (Apartments)
Lena Sayers (Apartments)
Lucca Ashtear (Apartments)
Porky Minch (Apartments)
Princess Alicia (Apartments)
Terry Bogard (Apartments)
Wilhelm (Apartments)

Palace - Home to Thor himself and the richest district. The palace is actually more of a fortress. Aside from being the seat of government, the Palace has the mysterious machinery of the Bifrost deep within its heart. This is where everyone first appears. The Villa of this district is the most ostentatious, with elaborate decorations for every structure to help it fit in with the general wealth level of the area.
People Living here
Archer (F/P) (Apartments)
KOS-MOS (Apartments)
Shirou Emiya (Apartments)
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Sometimes people decide they don't want to be fighting the good fight. If your character would like to switch sides and join the Fae, Qin or any other factions that may come up during the course of the game, this is allowed. However it will change the nature of your interaction with the game.

First of all, you will probably no longer be welcome in Midgard. As such you will not be present for the majority of interactions within the game. You'll still be able to access the communication network in a limited fashion, but most of your interactions will be as an antagonist. As such, this is a move best saved for villains.

If you wish to do this, fill out the form below and comment here. You will be excused from activity checks as long as the mods accept that you are making a bone fide attempt to stay in the game. To an violent, front line bruiser, this might mean showing up as a villain in action logs. To a quiet, background manipulator, this might mean making a single comment to a single character at a critical moment.

It is fully possible to do this as a temporary measure, say if your character eventually gets cold feet or was just going undercover the whole time.

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Players are currently allowed to have no more than four characters active in the game at a time.

We ask that you not submit an app if you currently have one waiting to be processed.


Applications are currently open.


May. 7th, 2012 01:49 pm
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If you have any castmates or other characters that you would particularly love to see at this game, comment as such here and we shall list it. Please include a reason why; a simple reason will suffice as well as a deeper reason.

Fatal Fury
Andy Bogard
Blue Mary
Geese Howard
Joe Higashi

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
Flit Asuno
Zeheart Galette

Touhou Project
Mononobe no Futo
Toyosatomimi no Miko


May. 7th, 2012 01:33 pm
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Comment to this post with your name and the name of a character if you are working on an application for that character and would like to "call dibs" on that character while you work on it. Reserves last for one week after the reserve is placed. After that week you can extend it to a second week by re-reserving, but after that the character is open to anyone again.

You cannot reserve more than two characters at a time, and we do not accept challenges. Reserves are strictly "first come first served."

Reserves are now open!

Pokémon Conquest
Mitsunari Ishida | [personal profile] thedarkheir | July 12


May. 7th, 2012 10:28 am
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Don't be a jerk.
I shouldn't have to explain this. Treat the mods and other players as you would want to be treated.

Remember that in character actions should not reflect on out of character attitudes and vice versa.
Don't have your characters all hate someone because they are played by someone you don't like. Likewise, please remember that just because a character hates or loves your character doesn't necessarily mean that that player hates or loves you.

No metagaming or godmodding.
Do not assume that your character knows things just because you know them. Do not dictate the actions of another character without their player's express permission. If you are ever unsure if what you're planning to do will fall within this, ASK. Talking to people is easy, and saves a lot of trouble in the long run.

Accept Mod rulings.
We are usually open to discussion on rules and rulings, but when we put our foot down, please accept our decisions. If you don't like how we're running things, there are plenty of other games you can explore. I recommend App This Please for your explorations.

Keep it clean (relatively).
Any explicit smut or excessive violence we ask to be kept behind cuts or locked to the people involved.

In character decisions will have in character consequences.
If your character consistently antagonizes other characters or NPCs, do not act surprised when they start trying to put a stop to you. While characters will never be killed or permanently imprisoned without the player's permission, their lives CAN be made fairly miserable.

Don't be a rules-lawyer
Just because you are not TECHNICALLY violating a rule does not mean you are not being an ass. If we have to edit the rules to stop disruptive behavior, expect consequences.

Activity Requirements
You are required to have 10 comments from your character per month, OR have your character be par of some sort of action log. One failure to meet these requirements and your character receives a warning. Two in a row and they are ejected from the game.


May. 7th, 2012 09:56 am
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What is The Last Free City?
The Last Free City is a panfandom roleplay focusing on a fusion of mythology with absurd science fiction about heroic heroes uniting to defend freedom.

What is this "panfandom roleplay" you speak of?
While slightly out of date, this post should answer most of the basic questions.

Is this a comm based game or a journal based game?
It is a Comm based game. All IC posts, be they network posts or logs or whatever, go in [community profile] last_free_city, all player or mod announcements go in [community profile] last_ooc_city, and all ridiculous hogwash goes in [community profile] last_free_silly

How many characters can I play?
Currently the max is four per player, but this may change in the future.

Can I play multiple characters from the same canon?
You may! Right now we have no limit, but if it gets too out of hand we will impose one. HOWEVER, we do not allow one player to play two characters who have close canon CR. For example, you wouldn't be allowed to play both Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki, but you would be allowed to play both Uryu Ishida and Gin Ichimaru.

How do you feel about AUs?
AUs are currently not allowed at this game unless they are official AUs (Fate/Extra as an AU of Fate/Stay Night, for example.)

Can I app Original Characters?
Yes. Creating characters from your own made up universe or from the universe presented in The Last Free City is allowed. Making up characters from pre-existing settings will be allowed provided your character does not dramatically change the setting for the characters already in it.

What are the activity requirements?
You are required to have 10 comments from your character per month, OR have your character be part of some sort of action log. One failure to meet these requirements and your character receives a warning. Two in a row and they are ejected from the game.

Do you have an app cycle?
No. App whenever you want.

What happens if my character dies?
If your character dies, your unique energy signature is gone and that character is dead forever and cannot be reapped.

Gee, that sounds pretty harsh.
Don't worry, the valkyries can find you just about anywhere, and you have to be pretty thoroughly mangled before you're too far gone for Hephaestus' medical machines to bring you back to life. In general, permanent character death will never happen without the player's express permission.

Can we bring in characters post-death if they die in canon?
Unfortunately, no. Because Midgard's medical technology is incapable of raising the dead, there's no point in recruiting characters once they've died. However, you may bring them in from the moment of death, at which point Hephaestus's medical machines can still save them.

How does apping characters from different points in canon from their canonmates work?
If you're from precanon or postcanon or whatever and your castmates are not, then it is assumed that you are from a parallel universe that is functionally identical save for some tiny forgettable detail. Perhaps a kid in 1982 wore blue socks one day instead of red. Perhaps a war in another galaxy ended differently. Regardless, your canonmates are people who are functionally identical to the people your character knows, but they aren't actually that person.

This sounds like an awful action heavy game. Is there a place for more slice-of-life style characters?
People are needed to play medic, to fix things, to see to morale, and to generally organize, so there are things for non-combatants to do. That said, some characters really just don't fit at this game very well. It's the price we pay for creating this vision.

I want to join the Qin or the Fae. Is that allowed?
There is a system in place for joining other factions, but the focus of the game will always be on Midgard. Joining enemy factions will by necessity limit the ways your character can interact with the game, and so shall lead to different activity requirements. This is generally intended for villainous characters. If we get enough people interested in joining other factions, this system may be changed to include other activity hubs for players. More information can be found here.

I have this great plot I want to run. Can I do it?
Players are most certainly allowed to make up and run their own plots. In fact, as time goes by, players will be given opportunities to make use of our cast of NPC villains for their own plots.

Will there be logs done via AIM/IRC?
There will be AIM logs. We want to make them non-necessary as much as possible, but they are the single best way we know of for getting through action scenes with small groups of people, and there will be numerous such scenes throughout the course of the game, so it may be unavoidable.

Players may use whatever methods they like, if this is unpalatable, but expect the occasional mod run action scene run through AIM (or IRC, if AIM doesn't work out.) logs. There will also be mod journal logs for huge, sprawling scenes (banquets, huge battles, etc.) or small scenes with only 2-3 people.

Short answer: There will be AIM logs, but we will make efforts not to rely on them because we know some people have problems with them.

It seems a lot of the AIM/IRC action logs are using a very specific format. Where can I find a summary of how that works?
An excellent explanation can be found here.

You totally got this one detail of Norse/Greek/Chinese/Irish mythology wrong, man!
This game was never intended to be a hardcore reenactment of ancient mythology. It is inspired by ancient myths, but most of the research was done on Wikipedia or from my own vague knowledge that I picked up over the years.

Do my characters keep any special powers and skills they might have?
Yes. There may be exceptions for particularly game-breaking items, like the Death Note.

I want to play this one badass, but he's just a normal human with no powers. How can he compete in this setting?
Thor can pimp you out with cool toys and infuse you with strength enhancing nanotech. As long as the spirit is willing, the body can be made to keep up. Furthermore, not every enemy you face will be able to split mountains with his forehead. Both sides make use of conscripted soldiers that are basically just guys with guns.

Will characters get rewards for participating in events?
Oh yeah. Thor is big on heroism. Expect prestige, fabulous treasure, fancy homes, servants, weapons and armor crafted by the gods, and all kinds of cool stuff.

If you have any questions that are not answered here about the setting or rules, comment here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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